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smallORIZZONTALEsima_Rigas_Alphachannel Face Lift Ρυτιδοπλαστική  -  Face Lift



This is the top operation of cosmetic surgery.

It is an operation performed according to each particular demand, thoroughly or partially on the neck, face, cheekbones, forehead and brows...

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smallORIZZONTALEsima_Rigas_Alphachannel Βlepharoplasty smallORIZZONTALEsima_Rigas_Alphachannel Rhinoplasty

In the course of time skin around this area loses its elasticity and "becomes heavy" which causes excess of skin, sad mglance, "puffy bags" below your eyes and tired appearance...

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Reshaping the nose requires a previous collaboration with the surgeon, as well as a lot of thought. It is based on ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, allowing us to choose the most concordant solution that fits with the entire face structure...

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