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smallORIZZONTALEsima_Rigas_Alphachannel  Hair Transplantation – Alopecia
hairmain The most modern restoration method of androgenic alopecia, with the most perfect, natural and whole life result without scars.

Preservative healing therapy for particular kinds of alopecia and non androgenic alopecia.

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     Why they prefer us?
  • Because plastic surgery offers full and wide knowledge of transplantations.
  • Because the relation between the doctor and the patient is restricted to strict scientific medical criteria.
  • Because each case is considered unique and specialised.
  • Because the interested party has direct and personal contact with the plastic surgeon who attends him since the beginning and for long term.
  • Because we offer refreshment whenever considered necessary.
  • Because the result is always what we promise and nothing else.
  • Because the result is absolutely natural and satisfies completely both the doctor and the interested party.
  • Because one ten-year experience at hair transplantations has fully satisfied hundreds of our clients.
  • Because we actively participate at the evolution of previous methods throughout the world.
  • Because we invest on quality than in advertasment

Μεταμοσχέυσεις μαλλιών - αλωπεκία



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