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Aesthetics- Face & Body care                     
Refreshment treatments, firming with innovative products produced by the most specialised companies in aesthetics, offering brightness to your face.

Photo-peeling and cleansing remove from your skin all types of duotones, sebum and dirt and thus the skin may breathe oxygen again.

Deep hydration, uplift and collagen increase even for the deepest skin’s layers.




Consueling & Consultation Services by psychologist


Since even the slightest alteration in our physique is subject to our moods and the image we develop of ourselves reflects our personality, our level of self-confidence and as a result, our mental health, we consider crucial your full awareness and conviction to the alterations you wish to proceed to.  


KALLIFANEIA studio’s psychologist is at the disposal of those who consider useful a session on:  

  • Information about the surgery itself and the changes it will produce  
  • Attitude of the immediate family and friends  
  • Αssessing the reasons for the alteration  
  • post-surgery stress counseling
  • Stress




Συμβουλευτική υποστήριξη και ενημέρωση από ψυχολόγο


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