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mARHIKI Plastic and aesthetic surgery has been remarkably developed the last years, it is reliable and allows us to restore a considerable number of imperfections. Nevertheless, plastic surgery is not magic; only a strict and in depth study can determine what is reasonable to expect from an operation, how and when to proceed, always bearing in mind the consonant combination of “what it is” and “what it can be”.

Each and every case is unique (unrepeatable), demanding a different approach compared to other surgical techniques. The continuously increasing demand for better and better services as to plastic surgery and aesthetics, led us to create Kallifaneia centre. This is the referring point where knowledge of medical science meets aesthetics and is in service of aesthetics:

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With the specialty of plastic surgery for confrontation of many problems of the human body being our basic line, we offer to the general public our services, such as:

 Dermosurgery - Skin Oncology



tools Reconstructive Surgery





Laser - Depilation - Skin Rejuvenation





 Counseling and Consultation by psychologist


Επανορθωτική  Χειρουργική  Αποκατάσταση
Επανορθωτική  Χειρουργική  Αποκατάσταση


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