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Lipoplasty - Liposuction


bbaHips, buttocks, knees, double-skin, breast

PLASTY It consists in suction of fat and reshaping of the isolated areas, where diet and gymnastics have no result.


Fat is removed through narrow cannulas, using either the classic method or the special devices (lipomatic). It does not constitute a weight-loosing method. It is applied almost in all the areas with superfluous fat, such as hips, buttocks, knees, double-chin, breast etc, guaranteeing duration and stability of the result.

Liposuction may be combined with other surgical operations, such as abdominoplasty, breast reduction and thigh lift et.al.

It can also be combined with lipoplasty (Coleman). This is about injecting fat in specific areas of face or elsewhere. The fat has been received in advance from another area of the body. Results are spectacular but sometimes fat is absorbed and the procedure must be repeated.

There are very small incisions, compared to other operations. After the operation, it is used a special elastic garment at least for 3 weeks. The better is the skin’s quality, the better is the result, which is fully completed after 2 months and in many cases it is obvious just within a few days.

This operation is performed under partial or general anaesthesia and after infiltration of anaesthetic liquids so as to reduce pain at minimum. 

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