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Plastic surgery at female intimate ares


bbaBenefits at aesthetic, functional and psychological level





It is nowadays indisputable but also necessary the introduction of plastic surgery at the service both of the beauty and also of mental and body health. This is a fact owed to its effective and invaluable multilaterality, as well as at the realization of a continuing revolution both of its methods and also of its applications’ field, with impressively successful benefits at aesthetic, functional and psychological level.


Recently, cosmetic vaginal surgery enters more and more the Greek cosmetic surgery, a method which is applied at the United States of America many years now and recently approached closer to us countries, such as Italy and France, giving particularly popular results. Acknowledging that it is about an especially delicate sector, the best possible information is necessary both for the cases such operation is necessary and also for each step to be followed during its application.

Furthermore, it is important to have a clear idea of the intimate area’s anatomy, which varies among women without being limited by strict and severe aesthetic rules. Nonetheless, there may be alterations of shape and dimensions of the area, due to hereditary disproportion up to anomalies or acquired influences, simple decay due to passing time, decay due to multiple deliveries or even due to delivery of big babies. Such alterations may cause complexes, doubts, anxieties and real disturbances at a physical level, thus negatively affecting the normal and good sexual life.


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