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bbaSolution that fits with the entire face structure




Reshaping the nose primarily demands a good communication between you and the surgeon and a lot of thought. It is based on “before” and “after” photographs, permitting us to choose the most concordant solution that fits with the entire face structure. 



The surgeon will perform the operation according to the photograph that you both have chosen, having in mind the after operation healing. Anaesthesiologist will help you not to remember a thing.

Rhinoplasty is also combined with correction of protrusion or retro positioned maxilla, so that finally the face has the maximum possible harmony. After the operation is complete, a splint will be applied on the nose (plaster or other).

Stitches are self absorbable and the splint is removed 7-10 days later. This operation is less painful. For few days there will be some bruising round the eyes and the nose will be a little swelled for few weeks. There will also be some kind of discomfort in breathing due to the swelling, which will gradually disappear.

You may leave hospital the day after the operation. For one month, avoid sun exposure, contact with children (knock risk) and heavy eye glasses that can cause a problem to the sensitive bone of the nose.

Ο αναισθησιολόγος θα σας κάνει να μην θυμάστε τίποτα. Η ρινοπλαστική συνδυάζεται και με διόρθωση προτεταμένης γνάθου ή γνάθου σε οπίσθια θέση ούτως ώστε να αποκτήσει το πρόσωπο τη μέγιστη δυνατή αρμονία.
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