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Dermosyrgery - Skin oncology

  •  Moles, congenital , acquired. Moles that have to be removed? How? When?
  • Cysts, coccyx cysts, lipomas, abscesses. Skin problems with strange abnormal surfaces.
  • Condylomas, verrucas ,absceses. Give an end to long lasting problems.
  • Peeling. Rejuvenate your skin.   

By performing mainly local anesthesia, we remove skin blames (moles, warts, verrucas, cysts, epitheliomas, benign or malignant, cheloids, scar contractures, ugly scars) from both face and body.

The in all cases necessary procedures of removal and suture or reconstruction of the resulting defect, allow for more or less an obvious scar or even no scar at all in that area. Minor injuries usually do not leave visible scars; in major injuries however, provided the proper procedure has been followed and by applying in each case optimum aesthetics, we attain the best possible result.


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