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Method against hair loss Ts - Fue Matic


bbaTS-FUE Matic: Method against hair loss  




The new technique Ts - Fue Matic using the rodotic technology, speeds up this lengthy surgery and optimizes the quality of the grafts and hair regrowth.



Advanced automation technology combined with the specialist know - how in Fue transplantation, now enables the surgeon to harvest follicular units of optimum quality and reimlant them with an operating time that is quite acceptable to the patient. In fact, withn the new robot, the surgery takes two tothree times less time.
In order to assess the texture and strength of skin in the donor area we use 1- 0.8mm micropunches which give very fine grafts. The advantages of thiw technique are that provides a highly safe and fast harvesting, it leaves no linear scar and that grafts can be taken from a sparsely haired, tight crown, or from other parts of the body (back, chest, thighs, etc) if sufficiently hairy.


Automated Fue is the ultimate technology in hair transplantation. The technique described here makes it possible to harvest Fus of optimum quality, while shortering thw operationg time. Alsa, the post-operative outcomes are better, with limited pain and no scar.


Fue is a very attractive technique f properly indicated. The Ts- Fue Matic tecnhology is uniquely appropriate for people who are in early stages of hair loss when the area to be "repopulated" is not too large where we can propose "lunchtime surgery" regular sessions of a few hundred Fus in order to limit post - operative discomfort and surgical time.

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