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Autologous fat injection procedure - Lipofilling

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lipofilling The excess local fat in an individual’s body, accumulated over the years in the abdomen area, the thighs or the hips can be used on the same individual to enhance a more beautiful and brighter side of their face and not just that.
How is it applied?
In the Lipofilling or Lipolifting or Autologous fat injection procedure, the plastic surgeon harvests the fat by using one of the liposuction techniques (f.e. using a cannula, a syringe) and subjects it to special treatment (f.e. remove blood, centrifugation). Then, the purified fat is placed in a syringe and is transplanted into the desired areas. The syringe’s special needle is very fine, easily and painlessly penetrating the skin and the fat is distributed in the desired area of treatment in different layers of skin under topical anesthesia.
When is it used?
The removal of many groups of facial lines, i.e. of the glabellar and nasolabial region, the forehead, the periocular region (crow’s foot), the nasogenian grooves is achieved by adding / transplanting autologous fat. Moreover, augmentation of the prominence and accentuation of the temples, the chin, the lips, even the ageing (bony looking) back of the hands or the hips can be achieved using the same lipofilling technique.
In order to have a complete rejuvenation treatment, three or four successive injections are required at a distance of five weeks the one after the other. Before the first injection, sufficient fat amount is removed from the donor site. The required amount of fat is used for the first injection and the remaining is kept in a freezer to be used in the following injections. It is normal, an amount of the fat injected each time with the Lipofilling or Lipolifting or Augologous fat injection technique, be absorbed back into the body. In the end, however, about half of the fat grafted, is tolerated by the new surroundings, remains in place and functions for ever.  
During fat transfer (lipofilling), fat is removed from areas of the body such as the abdomen or the thighs using the liposuction technique. This fat can be used to fill in the cheeks, the chin, the lips, the lower eyelid and generally areas that require more volume. No allergy test is required before its injection as it is an autologous tissue (coming from the body itself) and the result is longer-lasting, particularly in areas that do not move, such as the eyelids and the cheeks.
Lipofilling can be performed at the doctor’s office as well, under local anesthetic: using a small cannula, the doctor removes fat from the abdomen or hips area. Then he injects fat under the wrinkle or even deeper so as to give the volume or the shape required. After the treatment, it is likely that there is swelling in the injection area but it shall disappear quickly.
Fat can remain in place for ever, however as sometimes an amount (30-60%) is reabsorbed, the treatment should be repeated after 3 months or an overcorrection be carried out in the injection area.
Final result:
Graft materials and fat transfer “erase” face wrinkles and the skin gets a fresher and younger look.


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